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Greetings Porsche 928 Owner!

We hope that you are already planning on attending this year's annual Porsche 928 event, "SHARKTOBERFEST 2015" scheduled for October 21st in Anaheim, California.

This prestigious event follows past successes and continually manages to surprise and delight attendees. Past events were successful car happenings, gathering dozens upon dozens of Porsche 928s, fans and owners in one location.

The focus of SHARKTOBERFEST is the camaraderie among owners of this German super GT. You'll be able to share your 928 experiences with other owners and make new 928 friends at this event. We have scheduled in plenty of time for you to enjoy the many 928s on display throughout the day, from daily drivers to garage queens, as well as race cars and modified street machines. Plan to be amazed by the display of so many Porsche Type 928s gathered up together.

This year's edition of Sharktoberfest will be a great opportunity for you to meet and view presentations from some of the most knowledgeable and technically adept 928 personalities in the country.

Take the time to browse through 928 International's amazing collection of 928 parts! This will be a great time to get the items you need to maintain and enhance your car. There will also be other 928-related items available for purchase should you desire. Enjoy a fabulous BBQ lunch, generously provided by 928 International.

This elite event is in the final planning stages, but please know that this is an event that simply cannot be missed! We are so excited over this year's activities that we can hardly wait to tell you about them.

928 International will be contacting you again as we get nearer to this year's Sharktoberfest event.

For more information, check this site for updates. Make plans to join us at Sharktoberfest!

Your Friends at 928 International

Posted by DB, 9/10/17

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We again have a great host hotel arranged for the event. Click Details above or below.



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